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AI Decentralized Exchange Aggregator

The First Dex Powered

by AI Generator

Let's experience the future of trading and maximize your profit potential with TrustBit AI Ecosystem!

Token Contract:

Built on Multichain - Optimized for Everyone

The best DEX you deserve

AI Trading Bot Generator

Custom trading strategies to your specific investment goals and risk 

Bot Deploy & Backtest

After bot's generated, you can deploy and backtest to test performance


Trade directly via your Web3 wallet Your key, your assets

Zero Price Impact

$100 or $1,000,000 position, the price impact will always be 0%

Up to 50x Leverage

Unleash full trading power with up to 50x leverage

Aggregated Liquidity

TrustBit routes positions to suited liquidity sources

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Trading Bot Marketplace

Traders can access a variety of pre-generate trading bots that are designed to automate their trading strategies. The marketplace typically provides a catalog of different bots that are developed and ranked by community.

AI Trading Bot Generator

The code generator simplifies the task of creating trading bots by providing a user-friendly interface where users can specify their trading strategies and preferences. The generator then translates these instructions into code that can be executed by the trading bot.

Deploy & Backtest Instantly

Allows users to quickly deploy their trading bots and test their strategies on historical data. This feature is designed to help traders save time and effort by streamlining the process of deploying and testing their bots.

AI Trading Assistant

This technology is based on advanced machine learning algorithms that analyze data and provide recommendations based on historical patterns and current market trends.

Fast, Cheap and Secure

All-In-One Service Trading Platform

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Let's us introduce
The Trust Staking Program

Smart investors love to generate passive income and Trust Staking is proud to be a reliable and easy service provider With an accessible way to increase income by holding TrustBit tokens.

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TrustBit Exchange


Token contract: 0x9b7a8f7895c58D85C63FbA7a57a382c03c55a652


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